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#PennywiseSays #HillaryIsPresidentDownHere :icontheycallmedeanwormer:TheyCallMeDeanWormer 7 3
Obama promoted LGBT Trump defended the family
Obama promoted LGBT at Easter Egg Roll. Trump defended the family instead
by : Peter LaBarbera
April 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Most people think of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll as a special event for children, but under the Obama presidency, it took on a dual political purpose as another excuse to promote sexually aberrant "LGBT" lifestyles and "gay parenting."
That didn’t happen this year at the first official Easter Egg Roll held under President Trump, and some LGBTQ activists are hoping that’s only because Trump is just getting started. The Egg Roll was held Monday on the White House lawn and drew an estimated 18,000 people.
Gays miss Obama’s advocacy
Liberal news sources and websites that spen
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I am so triggered! You won't believe this woman!
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The Left can't take a Joke :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 18 3 Bearack Obama :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 23 4 The Problem Child :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 41 22 Double Standards Maybe :iconkasaundra1:kasaundra1 14 16 The Terrorists are coming! :iconoddgarfield:OddGarfield 36 52 One Down :icondutchatlantic13:DutchAtlantic13 13 10 Ron Paul is right about Syria :iconnovuso:Novuso 21 5
Trump Answers Local Syrian Attacks With Air Strike
 There was a reported attack that resulted in the death of 86 people, including innocent men, women, and children, using chemical weapons which, yes, are in violation of UN decree.  The initial assault hospitalized scores of civilians, before a second assault was leveled at the hospital treating the victims. On Friday, March 31st, President Trump elected, in consequence, to retaliate and has ordered an air strike against the Syrian military base where said attack was launched. The link above is from USA TODAY and features a clip of his press conference regarding this decision. The chemical attack by Assad is reported to be against civilians, to clarify; but this is mentioned in the photo scroll of the article. I'd surmise the information, were it of a more definite nature in its factuality, would have been broadcasted in the article proper. The air strike was b
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Samurai... Trump? ... Damn... :iconkuesutoichiro:KuesutoIchiro 3 1 Hillary Clinton's full list of crimes :iconmattx125:MattX125 2 1 #TrumpImpeached #HillaryIsPresident #AprilFools :icontheycallmedeanwormer:TheyCallMeDeanWormer 10 6
Chelsea Recognized - What A Joke!
So, straight out of college, Chelsea Clinton gets a high-paying consulting position and then a $600,000 "correspondent" job at NBC because of connections to her parents.
Then after a couple of years of that that she goes back to work for Mom and Dad in their "charity" Foundation, an organization that has done so little to help the real needy people the foundation is supposed to help ... and that's not counting the time she took off to make more Clintons, and to campaign for and defend the unethical/illegal ridiculousness promoted by her Mom and Dad ... and she somehow gets a lifetime work and impact award? Seriously???
Imagine the insult this is to the thousands of real Americans who have dedicated full lifetimes and endured so much
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Safe Space :iconjiangweisen:jiangweisen 16 4



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4.22.2017 - Trump - DACA……

Recently Trump has stated he's not going after Dreamers. So far this has NOT translated into changes in policy that I am aware of. I want to address this. I will first state, I hate the DACA program, and I want it gone. I prefer a system like Australia, one that is simple and with less complexity. If children need protection from real danger, their family should seek asylum. Otherwise, stay in your home country and fight to improve it there.

However, there's things about DACA that are not probably known by most, like the Cato Article I first linked from January, which is quite informative on how DACA can end with little economic chaos if we conservatives hold the line long enough to prevent Democrats and Neocons from expanding upon it.

Its cancellation, and threats of it, also serve as a potential bargaining chip. It is temporary continuation while rounding up the criminal aliens can serve as great optics on Trump, showing he is not the uncaring sociopath that the media is trying to paint him as. This will weaken protests against him and perhaps keep the airports safe from liberal nut jobs.

There's another, quite ingenious thought maybe only Steve Bannon might know. If Trump shows he cares about the children, the Democrats will no longer be able to use that against him. Those asses love to hold up immigrant kids and babies as sympathy and guilt pleas to debate rather then use reason. Republicans rarely seem to use appeals to empathy, which are more effective on emotional driven layman, and it does not serve to our advantage at all to let the Democrats have a monopoly on this form of appeal. If we hijack the "think of the kids" narrative, it will be a very powerful strategic play for the right.

The public perception of the US taking a firm stance on border crossing and sanctuary cities, combined with regular reports of ICE then further combined with even the appearance of Trump being serious of the wall could wind down illegal immigration to pre-Obama levels at least. If followed by actual results, DACA could be up for the chopping block by the end of Trump's first term again without as much of a leftist or media shitstorm.

Looney left and media pundits, who if we were to use the same standards of judgement from a neutral position about Trump today, would not be able to say that he is a sociopath. Nor a Russian spy, nor crazy. Trump has shown that he is quite deliberate with his tactics, tactics that affect opinion of him. 


I'm still for using the NYT's building as NYC's first skyscraper farm. The cost savings on fertilizer would be amazing.

They could have avoided the whole narrative by simply publishing the picture without a comment past some objective statement like "From the White House Lawn." But instead, they post one that has to imply the cherished media narrative of "Trump is bad, mkay!" to make all the haters out there feel good.

Once it became potentially damaging to their reputation, they were required to apologize or loose business. I would think that a lot of their remaining readers are sports fans, and given that the Patriots called them on it, it really had an impact with the normies.

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From Allen J Francis who wrote the DSM Criteria for Narcissist Personality Disorder, read it yourself, their CMS adds hyperlinks to keywords that include ads. I tried using DA's interface to strip it of the links for better reading, but it didn't work, so I'll just expand on it.

What basically people do with personality disorders, is they diagnosis from afar, or based on superficial or purposefully fake activities like acting. There is a long history of Trump acting a role that dates farther back then the apprentice. It dates back to at least his early interest in Broadway.

Francis also backs up my thought that in order to be diagnosed with a mental illness that it must first be a disorder. He also shows that its unethical to diagnose from afar, and I assume outside of private sessions. This also includes diagnosing over time, as Trump's ghost author did years later for the press by claiming the Art of the Deal was a textbook of a sociopath, conveniently in time for the election.

I also will tell you that mental illness is not a binary set of conditions, it is a range, the scale of the range usually dependent on the test. Most test score from 0-20 the tendencies towards a specific disorder. Most disorders overlap in their symptoms and therefore have to be tested in a way that you can determine the probability of that disorder. This also assumes you manage to get one-on-one sessions with person (in Trump's case, you know no one has except maybe his family). That means the best you can say when declaring someone to have a disorder (granted you don't care about ethical practices) is "subject exhibits the patterns of x disorder based on a, b and c."

But, what we have is idiots, who hastily diagnose someone in order to virtue signal or vent emotions. Such behavior is further normalized by the lying media in order to justify persecutions of the person they are diagnosing. This is just like how the word 'NAZI' is used, ironically by the same people willing to diagnose unethically. In the end its simply wrong to do so without proper observation. Words like "Psychopathy, sociopath and narcissist' are deployed unethically by people based on no real evidence of it.

Everyone wants a pathology when they are 20 years old, then when they try to take the reigns of power, everyone else tries to diagnose them with a pathology in order to destroy them. Or to put is another way, you want the Black Death at 20, and at 70, everyone else is trying to give you it so you die.

Does the same go in reverse? In a way yes, but when you argue a positive for a person you are not engaging in a destructive act overall. It is when you attempt to argue the negative do you enter the realm of potential slander. Still, in the end it is always up to the victim to press charges for libel.

Speaking of libel I love defending Alex Jones, it pisses off everyone without a brain

If you haven't noticed, Alex Jones has yet to be the brought up on libel, yet he is the target for censorship (he's been taken off don't tell he's not under attack). This actually is a tell in a way, a tell of intent by the people he is talking about. It means  he's for the most part telling the truth about them in his reports. If they come after Infowars with libel cases, it would be the greatest trap set in the history of scandals. So instead, they try to attack the man, and then try to keep him from broadcasting his message.
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MSNBC Calls this a 'scuffle.'  And I just think: why was no one shot?

This is UC Berkly, where we all thought the protesters were from out of town. Its clear this place is a breeding round for these thugs, the school should have all its funding cut.
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4.15.2017 - Trump - Everyone Laugh At Kimmy!…

The liberation of North Korea has begun, the roflcoptershave been deployed. Mine is a AH-69 LOLERMANCHE Reeebow that comes complete with a socialist detection package formally known as "Rick James Bitch!" and an M134 for all your feminine needs.

|---|                                                             _______|______
 _|_                                                       __/______    \          \_____
\   _ \                                                  /             |  |      \          \         \.
  \ \ \ \_______________________./ _______|_|___ \ ____ \____ \--\
    \ ------                                                     / -------------          | >          / 0\
     \______________________________\_ ____ ________|>_____\ _ /_
           /./                                                                                     \.\    \.\ |___|=========~||
          (o)                                                                                      (o)  (o)

Lets kill them with their own embarrassment.


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